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Who we are

Torre Gigliano adventure dates back in the 2018, when I personally decided to come back to my Land, between Adriatic sea and the wildest Murgia. The Torre is a dream that I nurture everyday, along with dedication and patience in order to share a unique and magic experience with international hosts coming from all over the World.

I daily work in order to preserve an unsual energy kept by this place, which is made by simple pleasures that give peace and wellness to customers: lying in the sun in front of the house, even during winter; enjoying the cool shadow offered by the majesty of centuries-old olive trees during summer, observing the phases of the moon from up close, listening to good music, better if with a glass of our DOP wine. 

In this place, you have the opportunity to re-learn the rhythm of the time, marked by surprising moments that are able to tranform each season a special journey. Such as collecting seasonal fruits and vegetables from Our organic garden during summer, or the impressive olive oil’s harvest during winter.  

Torre Gigliano offers the perfect gateway from the city, in which you can find the innermost pleasures of life: a full immersion in a simple living in order to experience the most genuine part of Our Land.


Torre Gigliano was born around 1200 and, thanks to the strategic corner of land in which it rises, it was used as a watchtower since the whole valley can be observed from the Torre, as a place of rest for pilgrims who travelled along the “Via Francigena” in order to reach ports able to conduct them to the Holy  Land, moreover as an observatory for astronomical studies. 

It is situated at the foothills of the plateau of Parco Nazionale dell’Alta Murgia, moreover the Torre is sorrounded by seven hectares of ancient olive trees and it is 12 km far away from the sea and 1,5 km from the town Ruvo di Puglia.

Torre Gigliano is part of the prosperous farm business led by the the aristocratic Fenicia family from Ravello and it is located on the sidelines of the fortified manor of the family, where authentic extra-virgin Oil and Nero di Troia grapes are produced. 

Giuseppina Fenicia completed the restoration that her dad started, enhancing it even more and at the same time respecting the surrounding nature.

The graceful and unique winding staircase deserves a special mention: it is a stone spiral staircase, from XI-XII century, that leads from the entrance to the rooftop, crossing the first floor. A similar masterpiece can be found in Castel del Monte, that dates back to Federician period.

From the rooftop  you can admire Molfetta’s Duomo and Trani’s Cathedral surrounded by the blue sea to the north; Ruvo di Puglia to the south, you can get to the town through a silence olive trees path. Ruvo di Puglia is a rural town full of history, its gem is the majestic Romanic Cathedral surrounded by wide pavements made of local stones, on which locals used to lay almonds in order to dry them after the harvest. The Cathedral is located in the middle of the historic quarter of the town, where numerous noble buildings can be enjoyed, some of them are opened to visitors. The small town has the privilege to own a special archeological collection that dates back to VI and III century b.C. which is preserved in the National Museum Jatta of Ruvo di Puglia.